Certification timeline
October '23 VHFA mails a reminder to project owners and managers
February 23, 2024 Applications for certifications due to VHFA
March VHFA mails certificates
April 1 All certificates must be presented to town and city offices

Owners with expired certification forms or newly eligible properties must apply to VHFA by February 23rd, 2024. The application is available during open-certification, which is during the first quarter of each calendar year. VHFA works with the Vermont Department of Taxes and certifies all qualified subsidized housing properties, ensuring that they are eligible under 32 V.S.A. § 5404a(a)(6).

Owners or managers must bring a copy of the certification form to the town clerk's office annually by April 1st so the property's tax bill can be re-calculated. These forms must be submitted to the town where the property is located.

Important reminder for applicants: The certification form for existing properties has an expiration date. VHFA provides certifications to owners and managers only when the certification has expired. Therefore, owners and managers of properties certified for several years must retain the original certificate they received from VHFA and submit a copy to the town clerk's office annually.

Eligible properties

Eligible properties must have active covenants from federal or state housing programs that restrict rents, subject to limited exclusions. These programs may include:

  • Community Development Block Grant
  • Federal Home Loan Bank's Affordable Housing Program
  • HOME Investment Partnership
  • Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)
  • HUD's Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly
  • HUD's Section 811 Supportive Housing for the Disabled
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
  • McKinney/Vento Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation for Single Room Occupancy
  • McKinney/Vento Shelter Plus Care
  • McKinney/Vento Supportive Housing Program (if funding is for leasing, acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction)
  • Public Housing
  • Rural Development's Section 515 loan guarantee (combined with rental assistance or Housing Credits)
  • Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation (combined with rental assistance or Housing Credits)
  • Section 8 New Construction/Substantial Rehabilitation
  • Vermont Housing and Conservation Board loan
  • Vermont Housing Finance Agency bond-financed tax credits