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NYU study finds housing tax credits serving those with greatest needs

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program  serves a significant number of the nation's extremely low-income households, perhaps more so than members of the affordable housing field had anticipated, concluded NYU’s Furman Center for Rea

VHFA's interest rate drop makes it a great time to buy

After dropping it's home mortgage interest rates today, VHFA's rates have never been lower: 

VHFA’s Martha Fleming retires

After almost 20 years of dedicated service to VHFA’s finance department, Martha Fleming is retiring. 

A fond farewell to VHFA’s Sue Joachim

After 29 years at VHFA, Sue Joachim decided to retire from her post in the finance department. 

VHFA's home mortgage interest rates hit new low

VHFA dropped its home mortgage interest rates today to the lowest in agency history:

State housing finance agencies boost U.S. housing market recovery

VHFA and its counterparts across the nation are increasing home buying activity through “very solid” tax-free municipal debt, according to

Down payment requirements often ignored in housing affordability discussions

A recent study by the mortgage risk analysis company Andrew Davidson & Company confirms what many borrowers have been experiencing

Some borrowers harmed during foreclosure receive compensation

Borrowers nationwide who think they were financially harmed during the mortgage foreclosure process in 2009 or 2010 may request an independent review and potentially receive compensation.  The deadline for filing applications

VHFA drops interest rates for home buyers

We are pleased to announce that VHFA has lowered its home mortgage interest rates today.   Although they were this low for several months earlier in the year,  VHFA's rates have never been lower. 

The new rates are: 

Vermont experts to discuss business opportunities in community development lending

Business Opportunities in Community Development LendingVHFA Executive Director Sarah Carpenter will be joined by other members of Vermont’s lending community on June 8 to share insights about business opportuni


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